25 machines of the 1 serie 5 axe miniaturized “micro5” milling machine, which was created in the laboratories of HE-Arc Egineeringare going to be available on 2018. This exclusive series will allow early users to explore a new vision of the machine design. The Micro5 is the result of an intelligent revolution where precision and rigidity are no longer measured by the weight of the frame.

Odoo CMS- Exemple d'image flottante

The very short distances between structural and belt-drive components make it possible to obtain high machining accuracy. The rules of direct measurement at very high resolution ensure maximum repeatability in a workspace that meets the microtechnology requirements.


  • Spindle 60’000/min
  • Very low measurement dispersion
  • Ultra-compact machine
  • Very low thermal influences
  • 2.5G axle acceleration
  • Total weight of the axle base: 31 kg

More information micro5.swiss